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How to add Text (SMS) Channel to my Communication Hub?
How to add Text (SMS) Channel to my Communication Hub?
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PodiumIO gives you the ability to communicate with your customers in a way that is convenient for them! This article will show you how simple it is to communicate with your customers through SMS (short message service) messages.

Step 1. Login to your PodiumIO account and Go to App store > Centralized Communication Hub

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Step 2. Next, Select a number of your choice from the list of 20 numbers.

Once you have selected the number & saved, PodiumIO we take 48 hours to set the number and get it activated.

We will inform you once the number is activated. You can then start to SMS your customer from the new number.

Step 3. Once you are been informed that your SMS number is activated, Go to your Inbox to send and receive SMS.

Step 4. Select the channel as "SMS" , search for the customer you would like to send the SMS, type your message and click send.

If you also have website chat, you can easily switch between the channels. Want to add a Free website chat to your website? Learn more

Your inbox can be connected to Website Chat, Text (SMS), Email, Facebook and Google My Business.

All your customer conversations will be organized as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and respond faster. Your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

You can communicate with your customers through PodiumIO Mobile App.

Sign in as Admin and navigate to Inbox. All your conversations will appear as in Inbox.

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