What is a Customer Floating Dock?

A set of customer engagement widgets to Increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads and more.

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Increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads and more With FREE Customer Floating Dock widgets!

A customer floating dock is a set of customer Call-To-Actions which are

Always visible everywhere on your website. It includes -

You can customize your widget with the help of our intuitive editor in a few clicks. Embed it to your website in a matter of seconds. One single script to turn any or all of your dock widgets. Easy, simple and code-free!

Learn more about each widget below -

1. Get more customer phone calls with Click to Call widget


More customer calls. More sales. Stay easy-to-reach

Click to call customer floating dock

With one-click dial and phone number demonstration, calling you will be easy. Direct conversation on the phone helps turn more potential customers into actual clients.

Attract maximum phone calls from clients. On mobiles, the widget allows users to call you by clicking the icon, and on the desktop, your number appears in bold for handy dialling.

Settings for Click to Call widget -

2. Engage and Increase sales with Chat Box



Add a free and easy way to communicate with your website visitors and customers through chat. Your customers have questions before they buy. Be where they are, when they need you, so they have the confidence to choose you over the competition. Every time.

Plus, you now have one place for all your customer interactions – Communication Hub! All your website chats display in your inbox and can be easily responded back via web and Mobile App.

Internal Chat Bot helps you freely interact with your service provider via Web as well as Mobile app Inbox. You can exchange unlimited messages with your service provider and be always updated!

You can anytime Upgrade to CHAT BOX Plus to respond faster with access to one-click booking page links, review request, and many more quick actions!

3. Sell Your Services Online with Live Pricing Buy Button


Make it super easy for your customers to buy your services online instantly.

Convert any website or blog into an instant live sales channel. Say Bye bye to quotes & estimates. Quickly add a mobile-friendly and secure shopping experience to your site/blog. The power of PodiumIO e-commerce in a single Live Pricing buy button.

  • Display all your services – ALWAYS!

  • Add-on to ANY website and blog in seconds!

  • Fully customizable to MATCH your branding

4. Enhance your business credibility by displaying Live Reviews on your website


Boost sales by showing real users’ reviews on your website.

The widgets displays Real-time review from multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, Capterra, HomeAdvisor and more. Choose which reviews to demonstrate, show only positive ones, exclude by keywords, filter them by author and more. There’s also a possibility to hide reviews without comments.

5. Easily help navigate your customers to Customer Portal

FREE for PodiumIO Customers

Enhance your customer experience by adding a “Customer Portal” Login button to your website. The Customer Portal is a mobile responsive site which gives your customers access to view all their upcoming bookings.

Make your customers easily navigate to their portal and check out their booking information. Your customers definitely won’t miss it as it is placed as a Floating button on all your website pages. Also, the button can be accompanied by text. These texts are customizable as well you are welcome to change the colors.

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