How Chat Box works?

Learn about Chat Box (Free), Chat Box Plus and Internal Chat Box

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Add a free and easy way to communicate with your website visitors and customers through chat. Your customers have questions before they buy. Be where they are, when they need you, so they have the confidence to choose you over the competition. Every time.

Plus, you now have one place for all your customer interactions – Communication Hub - INBOX! All your website chats display in your inbox and can be easily responded back via web and Mobile App.

Download the App - For Android Users - Google Play | For iPhone Users - App Store

CHAT BOX - INTERNAL (Coming soon!)


Transform the way you communicate with direct one-on-one with your Service Providers. Communicate with your team faster, stay organized and connect the team with the information they need.



Turn every customer conversation into a growth opportunity with Chat Box Plus.

Seamlessly convert your conversations into a sales opportunity. With easy access to “Actions” like send your booking page link, review request, customer portal.

Every conversation is surrounded by customer history, relevant sales data, and booking information for greater operational efficiency AND stronger customer relationships.

Customize You Chat Box to match your Branding

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