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Learn About Communication Hub
Learn About Communication Hub

Bring every customer message into one place. Your communication Hub can be connected to Chat Box (Free), SMS, Email, Facebook & Google.

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What is Communication Hub?

An easy all-in-one tool for managing customer communications. Centralize all your customer communication in one place to respond faster, coordinate quickly & grow your business.

Consolidate all your communication channels including your Chat box, SMS, Emails, Facebook Messenger and Google business chat into your PodiumIO powered Centralized Communication Hub.

Communication Hub consist of an Inbox, a centralized place where you can send and receive all the messages from your customers via channels that have been connected.

Your Communication Hub can be connected to multiple channels like Chat Box (Free), SMS, Email, Facebook and Google My Business.

All your customer conversations will be organized as if they were from the same platform (tagged as displayed by an arrow below), making it easier for you to manage and respond faster. Your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

Deliver a customer experiences that lead to greater loyalty and growth,

  1. Respond Faster by connecting all your communication channels in a single Inbox

  2. Convert your conversations into a sales opportunity with quick access to “Actions”.

  3. Coordinate quickly with your Service Provider having access to shared inbox

  4. Access to rich customer context you need without leaving Inbox.

Bring all customer communication into one collaborative platform with PodiumIO.

Communication Hub automatically comes with an INBOX.

You can add communication channels to your Hub as per your preference.

One of the Channel is offered FREE by PodiumIO

FREE Chat Box for your website > Activate it HERE

Once your Chat Box is activated, it has to be turned ON and installed on your website. (If you would like us to install it for you, please contact us at [email protected])

Chat Box is one of the many widget to engage your website visitors. There are multiple other free engagement widgets in "Customer Floating Dock" that you can add to your website and sell more online!

Learn more about Customer Floating dock, free widgets that comes along with it and how to add it to your website!

What Channels does Communication Hub Supports?

You can receive and reply to all incoming messages from multiple channels right from your PodiumIO Inbox including via our Mobile App, making it possible to stay connected in the field and 24/7.

Your Communication Hub can be connected to

  1. Chat Box - Basic (Free) / Plus (Paid)

  2. Text (For adding Text, please email us at [email protected])

  3. Email (Coming soon!)

  4. Social Media - Facebook and Google My Business (Coming soon!)

We will be adding many more channels in near future.

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