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Get to Know Your Inbox
Get to Know Your Inbox

Send and receive all the messages from your customers via connected channels in your Inbox

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Centralize all communications with PodiumIO Multi-Channel Inbox and effortlessly communicate with customers and team members - all in one place.

Your Multi-Channel Inbox is a centralized place where you can send and receive all the messages from your customers via channels that have been connected like Chat Box, SMS, Email, Team Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google Business and WhatsApp.

Other important benefits of Multi-Channel Inbox -

1) Run both Marketing and prospecting campaigns with their existing customers and prospects,

2) Switch from channel to channel like Chat to SMS, and

3) Keep one visible thread for all customers/prospects for view by all administrators

Get to Know Your Inbox

1. Channel Status

In this section, you will see all available channels with their status.

To activate an inactive channel, please visit your App Market, under Multi-Channel Inbox!

2. Customer, Prospect & Team Search Bar

Once your Inbox is connected with your preferred channels (like Chat Box, SMS, Team Chat, Facebook and Google My Business), the customer and/or prospect who messaged you will be displayed in the part indicated by 2.

To start a new conversation, simply search the name of the customer or prospect and choose your preferred channel. Type your message and send!

To send a message to your Service Provider, search for your Service Provider's name and select "Team Chat" from the channel.

3. Message window

The message window displays all your messages in client-specific threads instantly.

Your Inbox allows you to quickly access all customer and prospect communication in one place. Email, text, live chat, Facebook Messenger or Google— you name it. Keep it all organized and actionable in one platform. The Inbox organizes conversations as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and faster to respond.

(Please note: Email will be coming soon!)

To Purchase Text (SMS) Channel, please visit the App Market and search for "Multi-Channel Inbox"!

You will know from which channel did your customer have sent the message with tags.

4. You can easily switch between channels.

All your customer conversations will be organized as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and respond faster. Your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

5. "Actions" - Give a better experience with a single view of every customer

You would need to Upgrade your chat bot to premium chat version to use functionalities under "Actions"

PodiumIO lets you view relevant customer information in the same view, so you can easily access and edit customer data without leaving your inbox. Your customer will think it’s magic. See your customers sales details, outstanding amount, recent transactions, upcoming bookings, ratings and much more!

With shared customer context and history accessible over any channel, you’ll never ask the same question twice.

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