Filling out the Hosted Website Content in your PodiumIO account is the first step to creating your website! By following the easy and clear steps in the Hosted Website Form, and adding some short written content, images, and pictures specific to your business, you can personalize your website!

Watch a video on how to fill out the Hosted Website Form:

OR follow these instructions:

To get started, click on Hosted Content in the top left hand side of the menu from inside your PodiumIO account.


Have all of your business information accessible before you start, to make filling out the form easy!

  • Your domain name (business URL) - or what you would like to be, ie:

  • Business address

  • Business contact email

  • Business phone number

  • Business name

  • Gather pictures you'd like to use on your website if you have any.

    And, think about how you'd sell your services to your customers:

  • How would you describe what your business does?

  • What are the selling features?

  • What makes your business unique?

  • How long have you been in business?

Once your Form is completed, click Submit.

Once your Hosted Website Content Form is submitted, our website development team will create a website for you - what we call a Temporary Site. From here, we send you an email to take a look, and note any changes you'd like to make!

Happy Website Building!

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