To adjust your Booking Page to Pre-Authorize or Charge Now settings:

  • Go Into Booking Pages.

  • Select a Booking Page.

  • Select Settings.

  • Go into Payments.

Then, you may adjust your Booking Page by selecting either Pre-Authorization or ChargeNow.

See this Gif as a reference:

A Pre-Authorized booking will:

Automatically put a hold on your customer's credit card for the full or fixed amount you configured. You can finalize the payment anytime afterwards. (There will be no funds transferred until the booking is completed, and charged.)

A ChargeNow booking will:

Automatically charge the booking (or fixed amount) on your customer's credit card, transferring the funds to your account immediately.

TIP: Make sure to repeat these setting for EACH of your Booking Pages.

For more information on configuring your Booking Pages, check out the article: Booking Page Settings : Learn how to configure your Booking page

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