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How does 1-on-1 Reviews work?
How does 1-on-1 Reviews work?
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Add 1-on-1 Reviews to your PodiumIO STARTUP or GROW Subscription and get more reviews for your Home Service business.

With 1-on-1 Reviews -

  • Send review requests directly from the customer profile

  • Only positive reviews get posted on the online platforms of your choice

  • Filter & privately manage negative reviews

How to subscribe to 1-on-1 Reviews?

Solo Reviews is only available if you have a PodiumIO STARTUP OR GROW subscription. Add now to your subscription.

How 1-on-1 Reviews Works?🧐

PodiumIO 1-on-1 Reviews allows you to easily send unlimited customer reviews one at a time.

Step 1. Add the link of the online platform where you would like to get the reviews

a. On the left main menu, go to Settings > 1-on-1 Reviews

b. Add the link to the online platform you want your customers to leave a review on. You can add one review platform and change it whenever you want to request a review on a different platform

Step 2. Go to the customer profile, on the right menu under "Actions" click on "Request 1-on-1 Review".

Step 3 Once you click on it, a pop-up would appear, displaying the communication preference.

In case the communication is selected as "Off" for Email and/or SMS,

>> Please go to the Customer > Click on "Edit" in the customer profile

Select "Yes" to the communication from which you would your customer to receive a review request (i.e SMS and/or Email)

Step 4. Click on "Send now" and your review request will be sent. Only positive reviews get posted on the online platforms of your choice. Negative reviews get filtered & send to you in your email

All the 1-on-1 reviews received can be viewed under the main left menu > Market your Business > 1-on-1 Reviews.

Your Customer would receive an email like below. Once they click on the blue button, a web page with a star rating and a text box to add a review will open.

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