With PodiumIO collecting payments from your customers are much easier and faster.

If a customer orders your service online using a Live Pricing and Real-time Booking Page and entering their credit card, the customer has essentially already agreed to allow you to charge (this can be further spelled out in the terms and agreement page).

Therefore with PodiumIO you avoid/replace the entire need for having to send them an invoice which they can then pay.

Scenario 1 -

When a booking is received online from a booking page with their credit card - You simply go to the booking and on the right menu, under "Actions" click on "Charge Customer" once it's time to charge them.

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Scenario 2 -

If your customer originally booked via a call-in, then Go to booking, Under "Payment Information" click on "payment options" you can send an email to the customer (or call them) to obtain their credit card.

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Once the credit card is entered (if you are using PodiumIO's STRIPE integration for payment processing), the credit card will be updated and thereafter, you can charge the client.

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