Set up the right tracking to understand if your Google Ads are bringing in online bookings for your business.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to set up the tracking to measure the effectiveness of your Google Ads in driving the revenue.

Note - You need to be on a standard version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics property) and not Google Analytics 4 property

STEP 1. Check if your Google Analytics is properly installed on your website

You can download the Google Tag Assistant Legacy Chrome Extention.

Tag Assistant Legacy Chrome Extension automatically validates the implementation of Google tracking scripts on any given page. It works for:

  • Google Analytics

  • AdWords Conversion Tracking

  • AdWords Remarketing (legacy)

  • AdWords Remarketing (new remarketing tag)

  • Doubleclick Floodlight

  • Google Tag Manager

You can install Tag Assistant via this Google Chrome Store link.

Once it is installed, click on the extension and check the results. The below screenshots show that Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc is installed on this website.

STEP 2. Check if your Google Ads account is linked to your Google Analytics account

Login to your Google Ads account > Go to "Tools & settings" and click on "Linked Accounts" to check if Google Analytics is linked properly.

Check how to link it under Google Analytics

STEP 3. Track if your PodiumIO account is properly sending you the events.

Also, please check if you have the e-commerce set-up "ON"

Step 4. Add Events as GOALS sent from PodiumIO to Google Analytics.

In your Google Analytics account, click on the Admin (gear icon), in the property view Click on > Goals and Add a new goal.

Give your Goal a specific name and choose "Event"

Google Event Category

Google Event Action




Call To Action



Contact Us





<booking page name>

To track all Bookings Received, fill out the goal details and Event Conditions to create a goal with a destination.

Make sure is organized similar to this, and Save:

Destination > Regular expression > /booking-received/

Step 3. Import the Goals to Google Ads from Google Analytics under Conversion actions in Google Ads. It will take time for Google Ads to reflect the data.

WHY? This optimizes your Google Ads to make it learn what type of people are booking your product and will attract similar types of people. With the same spend, you get more of the right people.

To import, in your Google Ads account, Go to "Tools & settings" and click on "conversions"

Click on the plus sign to import the Goals you created in Google Analytics

Choose "Import" > Select Your property (Like Google Analytics).

Click on the Goals you would like to import. Done!

Your Google Analytics should start reflecting the source of your bookings under > E-commerce > Source/medium

You can now understand if your Google Ads are bringing in online bookings for your business.

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