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Connecting your PodiumIO account to QuickBooks account is easy & simple.

If you are yet to create a Quickbooks account, please register here and then follow the below instructions.

If you have already created a new account or have an existing account in QuickBooks, please connect your account with the below step by step instructions.

Step 1. Login to your PodiumIO account. On the left main menu, go to on Integrations and click on QuickBooks.

Step 2. Click Connect if you already have a QuickBooks Account.

**Important** Before you connect, verify

  • your QBO account has accounting enabled

  • your QBO account has taxes enabled

  • your QBO account is in the same country as PodiumIO

  • your QBO account has all taxes set up as in PodiumIO

  • your QBO account uses the same currency as PodiumIO

Step 3. If you are not signed in, a pop-up will appear where you can select the company you would like to connect. Click Next.

Step 4. Click "Connect" to allow PodiumIO to view and update your QuickBooks Online data.

You will also receive an email from QuickBooks as a security measure that reassure that you have connected your account to PodiumIO.

Step 5. Once connected, your PodiumIO account will display your QuickBooks company information and the mapped tax code.

Helpful article - Note about taxes - How taxes are mapped?

Step 6. Integrations Settings

Check if all the integration settings look perfect. Integration settings decides which data to send and how to update the data. (Explained below with the images)

Integration Settings 1 - Update Customer already exist in QuickBooks Online

  • Click "No" if you do not want to overwrite in QuickBooks any change that you will make in the customer profile in PodiumIO

  • Click Yes, if you want to overwrite the customer information from PodiumIO to QuickBooks. For example, if you update the customer address in PodiumIO >> customer address in QuickBooks will also get updated.

Integration Settings 2 - Create & Update Customer from PodiumIO in Quickbooks Online.

Integration Settings 3 - Push Payments to QuickBooks Online

Once all the integration preference is selected, click "save" and the account is set up to push customer and payment information to QuickBooks

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