PodiumIO Local Digital Marketing - More Local Customers For Local Businesses.

Supercharge your Local Digital Marketing with Listings, Reviews & On-site Reviews

This new service is specifically targeted to helping you reach more local customers and increase local traffic to your PodiumIO powered e-commerce website. Combined with your “Live Pricing & Real-Time Online Booking pages” these 3 services will increase the opportunity to convert more local prospects into new paying customers.

Interested to know how this works? Book a 30 mins demo and learn how listings & reviews can get you more customers.

PodiumIO Listings portal allows you to easily list your business on multiple specified online directories via your PodiumIO Listings portal and then syncs the information regularly to ensure your business ranks higher.

Here is a short guide to get started with Listings. It's important that the fields are entered correctly since this will greatly influence your ranking across multiple platforms.

VERY IMPORTANT - Before you start, If your business does not have a physical address added to your Google My Business (GMB) profile, please add an address first. Wait until that address starts getting displayed on your GMB profile. Once the address start showing up on your GMB profile, please proceed with the below steps -

Login to your Listings Dashboard

Link - https://dashboard.manageyourlocation.com/

Enter your username & password to Login

Search for your location

You can simply look up your location in the Listings configurator. The system is powered by Google, therefore it's important to use the same name and city as listed in Google.

Confirm your location

Once you have found your location, please check if it's the correct one. If so, please confirm. If not repeat steps by going back.

If your business does not have a physical address added in your Google My Business (GMB) Profile, please add an address first. Wait until that address starts getting displayed on your GMB profile. Once the address start showing up, login back to your dashboard and go through Step 1 again.

Step 1: Company Details

Listing tries to pre-fill most information. Please check the pre-filled data carefully. Add the missing information:

  1. Location Name: Fill in your exact business name, this is also case-sensitive.

  2. Address: Fill in the exact address of the location.

  3. Postal code: Fill in the exact postal code, be precise with adding a space.

  4. City: City of your location.

  5. Country: Country of your location.

  6. Checkmark if you don't serve customers at your location address.

    (Your exact address will be hidden in the online directories)

  7. Primary category: Which category describes your business best. Please pick this Primary category carefully as it will greatly influence your search results.

Step 2. Contact Details

Listing tries to pre-fill most information. Please check the pre-filled data carefully. Add the missing information:

  1. Telephone number: Telephone number where potential visitors can reach you. Always add the country code.

  2. Email address: Add the email address where people can reach you.

  3. Website: Website of your location or business.

  4. Languages: Which languages are spoken by the employees in the business.

Step 3: Opening hours

Listing tries to pre-fill most information based on your Google location. However, here you can simply edit, remove, or add opening hours.

By clicking on Add hours, you can add multiple opening hours per day.

Step 3: Summary
If you've made it this far, good work. You have filled in your basic information. You can now continue adding more information about your listings by clicking on " Add additional information". If you wish to do this later, click on " Finish later" instead.

Step 1: Special Opening Hours

Please add deviating opening hours on special days. Examples of special days are public holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and other relevant days. You can simply select the date, then select if you're open and which hours. You can also select that you're closed on that specific date.

You can add as many special opening hours as you want.

Step 2: Company Description

It's important to write a description of your business/location. This gives more substance to a local search result, it makes sure the business will be found better and adds to the overall online search experience.

Platforms either accept keywords with a short and/or long description. Input Keywords for the service you would like to be found, just hit enter to separate keywords.

The short description is limited to a maximum of 200 characters. The long description is limited to 1000 characters.

Please take the time to write a compelling description.

Step 3: Social accounts

Add your social accounts. PodiumIO tries to upload the link to your social channels to the various directories. Put your brand out there!

Please make sure to start your URL with: HTTPS://

Step 4: Services & Brands

Inform your visitors about services offered by your business. Here you can include as many services as you like.

You may also include brands that are used to deliver your services. Showcase the products/type of product that you use. For example - Eco-friendly. You can skip brands if that's not relevant for you. Add as many keywords as you wish.

Step 5: Attributes

Attributes let customers see what your business has to offer, such as online appointments, Appointment link, staff wear masks, etc. Adding relevant, accurate attributes to your Business Profile helps you stand out to your customers that find your business on Google.

Attributes are different for each set of primary categories. Once you change the primary category, your attributes will be reset.

Step 6: Payment options

What payment options are accepted by your business? Help your customers plan their purchases. You can select as many payment types as you offer. Simply type and search for the payment options offered by your business. Or you can add your own custom card. Simply type the name of the card you wish to add and click on "Create a new payment.

Step 7: Images

Add engaging images for your business. Each type of image has its own purpose, which is described below:

  1. Logo: This logo will be used to send to different Channels.

  2. Squared logo: This logo is specifically for Facebook and used for Listings (internally).

  3. Main Photo: First photo shown on your Google My Business Page (uploaded by owner).

  4. Landscape photo: This image is specifically for Facebook and Foursquare.

  5. Other photos: Photo's that give a good image of your business, these can include photo's of the before and after services, products, team, clients, etc and are shared on your Google My Business among other platforms that accept multiple photo's.

Step 8: Additional Categories

In order to make sure the business is found in related searches, we made sure that a business can be added to 4 more additional categories. The Primary category is most important however, the additional categories will make sure the business is found more often and will result in more appointments.

Step 9: Connect Channels

Some channels need verification in order for the data to be synced. Google and Facebook are channels that need verification. Simply click on the connect button. Make sure to log in with the account that is connected to the Google My Business Account and Facebook Business Page.

Click accept and you're done.

If the location is not yet been verified by Google before, it might be the case that Google will contact you to verify your location.

Step 10: Confirm

Click Save & sync if you are ready to sync your business listing. You can also sync now and re-sync once you update along the way. Save your information whenever you want to add or update more information later.

You can save the information now and choose to sync the information in all the channels later. You can sync later by clicking the "Auto-sync" button in the top right corner.

And that's it, you've done it!

Next, you can view the channels where your listings are going to be live (or updated)

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