There are multiple things that can be edited on the invoice. Let's take a look at them one by one -

Video Instructions

Step 1 a. On the left main menu bar, go to Payments

b. Click on Invoices

c. Select the invoice you would like to edit.

Add/edit any email ids -

Click on the icon where 2a is pointed. A pop-up will open, add additional email ids separated by a comma.

Add/edit the billing address -

Navigate the left main menu & go to "Payments" > Invoices > Click on "View the customer". Under Edit customer, the billing address can be updated (Video Tutorial | Step by step instructions)

Add/edit booking details like amount, service, etc

Under the Invoice detail section, click on the arrow to view the booking details. Under Actions, click on "Edit". Once you edit and save the booking detail, it will automatically reflect on the Invoice.

Add/edit the personal note on the invoice

Click on the invoice notes box to type a note.

Add/edit the Terms & Conditions - Video Tutorial

The terms & conditions is a company-wide setting. It will reflect on all your invoices. To edit TnC > Go to the main navigation menu, click on Settings > Invoicing

Video Tutorial

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