This article is a part of the step-by-step process on how to buy and select the PodiumIO Website Theme. It explains various options of E-commerce website themes by PodiumIO and their benefits.

Step 1. Start your PodiumIO Subscription (Detailed Article)

Step 2. Choose a PodiumIO E-commerce Website Theme

Step 3. Buy a monthly subscription with website & hosting (Detailed Article)

Step 4. Customize your website content via E-form (Detailed Article)

Step 5. Add unlimited Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to your website (Detailed Article)

We have two levels of each website theme; "Advanced" and "Premium". The Advanced theme is included with either the Startup or Grow subscription with the website + hosting option. The "Premium" level website theme, is an upgraded website theme. It includes 5 additional website features pre-built into it. To learn more about the additional website features and their benefits click here

Tour of Advanced theme -

The additional features of the Premium website include:

  1. A two-layered website structure to allow for two main categories (example" Home vs Commercial Services. to be displayed separately both on the home page, in the main drop-down menu for both the Service Page and the Book Now button.

2. A Dedicated website page for each main category. The dedicated category page showcases all the services in the same category on 1 page.

3. Call-to-Action CARD on the home page banner which can be linked to the booking page of your most popular service.

4. Testimonials section on the home page

5. Leave a REVIEW section that allows your clients and website visitors to leave you a review on your favorite social media accounts/platforms such as Google reviews, yelp, etc...

6. Blogs Integration - This includes a blog section on your website's home page which is also connected to a dedicated BLOG page for you to add and post unlimited Blog posts via your Wordpress account.

To learn more on how and why these 6 sections are beneficial to have on your e-commerce website - a.k.a your Online E-Service Store - we invite you to download > PodiumIO's guide on 14 ways to generate and drive traffic to your website.

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