PodiumIO's Online e-Service Stores (e-commerce website) are built in WordPress the world's most popular website builder platform. All PodiumIO website themes are designed to optimize the conversion of your online visitors into instant buyers via your fully customizable Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages.

Here's how to purchase PodiumIO E-commerce website themes with Unlimited Live Pricing & Real-time Booking pages plus Back office management system, dashboard, CRM, Mobile app, and much more.

The below article explains how to start your monthly subscription, an overview of the PodiumIO E-commerce website theme, and how to buy a subscription with website+hosting option.

Step 1. Start your PodiumIO Subscription

To start your PodiumIO Subscription with our website + Hosting option you need to first Activate your account. Simply sign-in (If you have not yet registered, please register your account). In your dashboard, on the left menu go to Settings, then Subscriptions. Once in Subscriptions make sure to answer "Yes" to the question "DO you want a PodiumIO website?" Then select the Subscription level of your choice (Startup or Grow) and add your credit card details to your account. Finally, click on the orange "Activate your subscription" button. And voila, you are now on your way to launching your new E-commerce Online- E-service Store for your brand and services.

Step 2 - Choose a website theme design

Once you have activated your account it's time to select a website theme design. There are multiple design options for you to choose from among our beautiful home service e-commerce website themes. Simply let us know by email at [email protected], via our live chat, call us at +1 888-975-4550 or Book a live 1-on-1 Demo to let us know which design you've chosen.

Depending on the type of service and number of services you provide, choose a website theme design that's right for you. Our website themes are mobile responsive, customizable, SEO ready, and are connected to your PodiumIO account so you can manage your entire business 24/7, from anywhere, anytime using all our e-commerce features to grow & simplify your operations. Go live in just a few hours!

Step 3 - Buy a PodiumIO monthly subscription with our Website+Hosting

Once you have activated your account (your initial payment will be processed on your credit card) we will send you a PodiumIO E-Form for you to complete and submit. The E-Form contains all current content of the website theme you selected. In 7 simple steps, it's a fast and easy way for you to personalize and brand your Online E-Service Store (your website), with any copy & content changes you wish to make, including text modifications & image changes, and much more.

To view our pricing with website & hosting options click here


When you purchase a PodiumIO Startup or Grow monthly subscription with our Website+Hosting option, the first 3 months (or first 2 months for Grow) will be charged in advance (upfront). This is NOT an additional fee - just an advance to cover the upfront costs incurred by PodiumIO for creating, installing, and hosting your new website. The advance payment is non-reimbursable. All subsequent months will be charged as a monthly subscription starting on the 1st of each month. You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime - there is no monthly contract unless you have paid for an annual subscription.

If you are eligible for a refund, the amount that you will receive will be after deducting the payment processor fees. Kindly note that the Payment Processor Fee is not refundable.

Next Step - Customize the content on your website via E-form

Know what is E-form and how it works

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