Let's share how our Live Pricing & Real-time Booking Page works

PodiumIO’s Real-Time Pricing & Booking Pages help you save time with customizable sections, and dynamic pricing/availabilities.

Once you’ve finished setting up your booking page, you can start selling immediately by adding it to your website with hosted links, by embedding it in an iframe, or by simply having it on your landing page and sharing that link.

Let's get started on how to create your Live Pricing & Real-time Booking page

🔰 Product Tour - How to create Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages

Below series of videos explains how to edit each section of your Booking page -

1. General Settings Section -

2. Header Section

3. Collect your Customer Contact & Location Information

4. Description Section

5. Add Customizable Pricing Questions

Here's a complete series on "How to Price My Services". This series explains how to add and edit the pricing in different sections.

6. Display Real-Time Availability on your Booking pages

Learn how to display Real-Time Availability on your Booking pages

7. Add Payment Option


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