Positive ratings are worth a great deal and can offer your business benefits that a simple marketing campaign can’t. In a nutshell, they are like micro–marketing campaigns that keep working long after the online review has been posted, providing, thus, a constant positive image to potential customers and creating a continual brand awareness that benefits the business for both the short and the long term.

🔰 Product Tour - How to request a rating?

You can request a rating from your customer anytime. Once they had given you the rating (Know - How do my customers rate my services after I "Request a rating"?) you can view all your customer ratings in a single view.

There are also instances where due to some reason the service was not extended to the satisfaction level of your customers, in such cases you have the complete flexibility to skip asking the rating.

If the rating is positive, next thing you can try is to enable tips($) for your services

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