Hot Leads Overview
Sell more by connecting with Hot Leads at the right time
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Know your Hot Leads and connect with them to convert more customers

PodiumIO has introduced a feature wherein you will be able to view contact information entered by someone who visited your booking pages and who started entering their information but then left without completing the booking.

What is a hot lead?

A Hot Lead, is someone who visits your booking page, enters their email and/or telephone contact information but does not complete the booking process by clicking on the call-to-action (CTA) button, for example: “Book Now” or “Request-a-quote”. The reason the visitor may have not clicked on the “Book Now” or “Request A Quote” button is often because their online experience was disrupted (lost their wifi connection, was interrupted, etc).

Below Video shares where you can look for your hot leads. And if your hot lead gets converted into a customer, One-click is all you need to "create a customer" from the existing data.

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