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What data can be tracked in Google Analytics?
What data can be tracked in Google Analytics?
Know what all data reflects in your Google Analytics account when you integrate it with PodiumIO
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Your Google Analytics account & PodiumIO is connected by Google Analytics Universal Tracking ID (Learn how to find your Tracking Id)

When you sync Google analytics with PodiumIO, below is the set of information that is reflected in your google analytics account -

1) No. of times below website pages have been viewed by someone

a. Landing Page

b. Call To Action

c. Contact Us

d. Gift

e) Booking Pages

2) Event Tracking

Google Analytics event tracking is an advanced feature that allows you to track a specific user's interaction/activity (link clicks, downloads, form submission, and video plays) with a web page element. The user's interaction/activity with a web page element that you track in Google Analytics is called an 'event'.

By integrating your GA with PodiumIO, the below events can be tracked -


Call To Action

Contact Us

3) Conversions

E-Commerce codes will be populated in your google analytics accounts, upon completion of the "Book Now" button on your Booking pages.

You can check No. of transactions taken place, total revenue earned, unique no. of purchases acc. to service type, etc.

How is this information useful?

1) You can know which services your customers are buying the most.

2) You can know which services your customers are buying least, so you run offers for that product to sell.

3) You can compare month-on-month data, to analyze trends for your revenue and other data.

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