To manage your bookings in a seamless way, it's easy to know if any of your Service Provider(s) is double booked.

There will be Red Diagonal stripes, including a triangular warning label, to indicate that a Service Provider(s) is Double booked.

To manage the double booking, go to Dispatch and reassign Service Provider(s).

If a Service Provider(s) is double-booked, it would display at multiple places like -

  • Under Calendar Section

The red color box with stripes below indicates that there are two bookings assigned to the same Service Provider(s) at the same time. To assign the booking to different Service Provider(s), go to the Dispatcher section.

  • Under Dispatcher Section

The image below shows Mary Jade is booked for 2 different bookings for the same time. As this is easily traceable, one can manage the assignment of booking quickly.

  • Under Bookings

Double booking will be indicated with a red warning sign.

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