This article is a part of step-by-step process on how to buy and select PodiumIO Website Theme. It explains what is e-form & how to complete it to give your website content a personalized touch.

Step 1. Start your PodiumIO Subscription (Detailed Article)

Step 2. Choose a PodiumIO E-commerce Website Theme (Detailed Article)

Step 3. Buy a monthly subscription with website & hosting (Detailed Article)

Step 4. Customize your website content via E-form

Step 5. Add unlimited Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to your website (Detailed Article)

E-form Overview - (See Video Below)

An E-form is an "Electronic Form" which facilitates the process for you to provide us any changes, modifications or additions you want us to make to the website theme you selected and purchased from PodiumIO.

Once you have selected a PodiumIO e-commerce theme, you will receive an editable E-form from PodiumIO containing all current content, copy, images, etc in the website theme design that you selected. The E-Form allows you to easily submit to PodiumIO all changes, additions, modifications you want to make to the website so that you can brand it to your liking, including providing all the titles, descriptions, etc for each service you wish to sell.

Each step includes simple instructions, guided with screens shots and short videos. You can start, save and come back to each section at any time. NOTE: As this is a live e-form, we recommend you frequently save changes you make.

Step 1 Company information

Step 2 Service descriptions

Modifying the content of the below sections is optional, however we  highly recommended you make the content your own. 

Step 3 – Let’s get your homepage up and running! (Optional)

Step 4About us page (Optional)

Step 5Frequently Asked Questions (Optional - however definitely update references to your telephone number, areas you service, etc)

Step 6Blog (Optional)

Step 7Menus (Optional)

Step 1 – Company information (Must be completed)

Add company information such as Name, Address, Phone, Website URL, Colors, Logo, Social Media Links etc.

Add your company Logo to your e-commerce website-

  • Your logo should be in .png format with a transparent background.

  • We recommend having a light and dark version of your logo (i.e. one white to contrast with the color of the header, and one for the footer).

  • Logo dimensions of 200px by 60px will work well on your website.

Social Media links - Recheck the link you pasted to make sure it's working perfectly. You can add as many social media platform links as you like, such as - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Home Advisor, etc.

Step 2 – Service descriptions (Compulsory)

Your selected template is preloaded with text content created by PodiumIO for service titles, service descriptions, images, and the Call To Action button.

✋ Tip: To make sure your text is easy to read and scannable, write using:

  • Bullet points and numbers

  • Headings and sub-headings

  • Keywords that are highlighted as links, bolded, italicized, or in color

  • White space to break up the copy and guide readers down the page

  • Inviting images, graphics, and videos to hold your reader’s attention

Step 3 – Let’s get your home page up and running! (Optional)

Add text that will appear on the various sections of your home page such as the banner, how to buy your services, testimonials, reviews, etc.

While writing the content you can use these free tools to scan your text and score its readability:

Step 4 – About us page (Optional)

An About Us page gives online shoppers insight into your brand and the people behind it. This can include:

  • How you started your brand

  • What makes you and your brand unique

  • What are your brand values and beliefs

  • Why customers should choose you over others

Step 5 – Frequently Asked Questions (Optional)

Add the most common questions your customers ask to your homepage, for quick resolution and a great customer experience.

Step 6 – Blog (Optional)

Websites with blogs are a great way to boost search engine rankings, build credibility, increase website traffic, boost your social media efforts, and foster relationships with customers.

Good SEO results are largely driven by new content and relevant keywords, which means creating fresh content and a place to house it. Blogs provide you with the platform to do just that. Adding fresh content to your website helps place it higher in search engine results than other websites, making it more likely for potential customers to visit your website over another one.

Step 7 – Menus (Optional)

PodiumIO's e-commerce website themes are structured to make it easier for visitors to navigate your website, and for search engines like Google to scan it. All pages of your website are easily accessed through the prominently located main menu.

Apart from the main menu option, you can also add a secondary menu when appropriate (Under Company - About us, contact us, team...)

A footer menu helps your visitors navigate to more content on your site or blog, and is a great way to increase your page views. It is also useful to add a small 'contact us' section, a sitemap, a back-to-top button, terms of use, a privacy policy, etc.

Approve the E-form

Once you have submitted your completed E-form, your content updates will be loaded onto your website and we’ll send you a temporary URL to view your new e-Services Store (website) before going live.

>> The first update is on us, so make sure to get all your changes in now.

Thereafter, you will be able to make changes and updates to your website directly via your WordPress account; on your own, by using a third party, or by using PodiumIO’s professional website design services.

For more information on E-forms please connect with our team at [email protected]

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