Here is a detailed overview of the Bundles section 📽️ Watch Video

This is the continuation of the "Pricing My Services" series.

Part I - An overview of the pricing section. How to Add & Edit this section.

Part II - Add unlimited customizable pricing question in Base Pricing Section

Part III - Make questions more engaging with Pricing Section using Images

Part IV - Upsell your additional services with Extras Pricing Section

Part V - Increase revenue per customer with Frequency Or Prepaid Bundles

Part V - Bundles

Add a bundle section in booking pages in order to sell multiple services and have your customer pay for them at the time of purchase.

Note: You can either use Frequency or Bundle Section in a single Booking page

For example -

You can combine your service in a bundle like 1 Service, 5 services - 5% discount, 10 services - 15% discount, etc.

If you are a pet service (dog walking) company, a bundle could be configured like 1 walk, 5 walks - 5% Off, 10 walks - 10% off, 25 walks - 15%, and so on.

The text and discounts are completely customizable. It's super simple, Try it yourself. We are always here to assist you.

Here's a quick video on how to add & modify bundle section to set your pricing strategy -

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