Using PodiumIO's unlimited customizable "Live Pricing & Real Time Booking pages feature (a.k.a Booking pages), there are various ways for you to send your existing and/or prospect customers a unique offer that will only be seen by the recipient of the email campaign(s) you create. To send a booking page with an offer (discount/coupon/deal) to a list of your prospects, please follow the below steps -

Simply create your email content and then add a link of any 1 (or more booking pages in your email.

Step 1. Create a list of all your customer emails (this is for existing customer email list in your PodiumIO account)

a) Go to the reports section of your PodiumIO dashboard. Click on "All Email Addresses"

b) Select the period for the email list you want and the download it (to download click on the CSV file and it will be downloaded).

Step 2. Create an email in your the email marketing platform you are using (example : Mailchimp - By the way Mailchimp does have a free version)

Once you create the email (inside Mailchimp) you can link the booking page to the email (eg link it to a <book now> button in your email) and then mail it to your the prospect list.

Check out our PodiumIO support article on a much more effective way to offer promotional deals to your customers (instead of using promo codes or coupons which are often counter productive) .

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