Yes, PodiumIO has a generated report that automatically calculates the total number of assigned hours to any given employee.

Please note : These assigned hours are based on the booking pages calculation of any given job and not necessarily the real hours worked.

There are a few reasons why it was designed like that specifically, namely that it can allow you to determine if your staff is working efficiently or if your customers are asking for more than they paid for

Here's you can check the how many hours a cleaner has worked -

> Login to your PodiumIO account and go to "Reports".

> Then click on "Service Provider Hours"

> Once you click on "Service Provider Hours" you will be able to view, export the file and print the no. of hours of all your service providers (team members)

You also have a option to view in multiple time frame such as today, tomorrow, yesterday, by week, month, quarter, year.

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