To see and read your customer ratings, there are two options available -

  1. Via the unique Customer Profile - You can see the rating given by the customer for each of the services you provided them.

  2. Via your CRM>Ratings (see image below)- This section lets you view all the ratings you received from all your customers. This will help you to understand the trend of your overall quality of service.

  1. Via the unique Customer Profile

  • In the left menu bar, Go to "Customers"

  • Select the customer for whom you would like to see the rating & feedback

  • On the customer profile screen, you can view all the ratings recevied under the "Rating" section

To view all the details related to rating like date of the rating, booking details, feedback, etc click on "customer rating" (the grey arrow on the bottom right corner under "Ratings")

2. Via your CRM>Ratings (see image below)

In the left navigation menu bar, Go to "CRM", click on "Ratings"

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