You can allow your customers to reschedule or cancel a booking with a "1-click" for a great customer experience.

Allow the customers to reschedule/cancel the booking when done via
- Custom Booking (When you create a booking)
- Web Booking (When your customer book your service online)

What is a custom booking?

A custom booking is a type of booking that you can create from scratch in the PodiumIO backend for a customer by yourself. For example, if you receive a call to book your service, you can create a custom booking for that call-in customer. Another case would be, when your existing customer would like you to book your service again. You can create a custom booking.

How can my customer cancel or reschedule a custom booking?

When you create a custom booking with a simple 6 step process and just when you are about to save the booking. There is an option for you to allow the customer to reschedule or/and cancel a booking.

1. Choose "Yes" if you would like your customer to cancel or schedule the booking.

Allow your customer to cancel or reschedule a booking

2. If you choose "Yes", you will also get an option to select the timeframe - latest the customer is allowed to reschedule/cancel the booking.

Allow your customer to cancel or reschedule a booking within a timeframe

3. Once you click on "Create Booking Now", your booking will be created successfully with the option to cancel & reschedule within your selected timeframe. Your customer will receive a notification with both the options via email

Booking confirmation email for your customer with an option to cancel or reschedule the booking

What's next ? 👉

> If you have canceled a booking by mistake, you can now save time in re-filling all the information by simply cloning a canceled booking

> Give your customers a shopping experience they will love, allow them to cancel or reschedule a booking

> Don't forget to ask for customer ratings once the job is completed. This will help you showcase the quality of your service.

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