How do I connect Google Analytics?
Connecting Google Analytics through the App Market
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1. In the left-hand side main menu, click App Market, then Google Analytics.

2. Select Install.

3. Now you need to enter your Google Property ID found in your Google Analytics account.

You can find your Google Property ID by going into your Google Analytics account and clicking Admin:

Then looking for the Google Property ID in your Account.

4. Go back to your PodiumIO ops console and paste in your Google Property ID. Click "Yes" to configure and connect them.

5. Great, now your Google Analytics App is connected. At the bottom of the page, select which tracking options you would like your Google Analytics to track. You can choose from selecting Yes/ No on:

  • Page Views

    • This tracks all Booking Page displays

  • Web Booking

    • This tracks all completed Web Bookings

  • Web Quotes

    • TBA (not yet available)

  • Web Call-To-Actions

    • This tracks the Call-To-Actions Plugins.

6. Click "Save", and you're all set!

Important -

It can take up to 24 hours for Google Analytics to display data from your booking pages. If you are still not seeing any data in your Google Analytics account, confirm that the Property ID is correct.

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