The PodiumIO integration with Stripe allows you to capture customer billing information directly in the PodiumIO admin, or in your Stripe account, making it easy to charge and manage payments through Stripe.

Charge a customer through PodiumIO

Step 1. Go to the Bookings list in your ops console. Select the booking that you would like to capture the payment for.

Step 2. On the right menu, Under "Actions" and click on the “Charge Customer” button.

You will also notice, above "Actions" the payment status is displayed as "Not Charged" yet.

Step 3. You will see a pop-up that allows you to enter the amount to be charged to the customer through Stripe. Enter the amount you wish to charge, and click “Yes, charge the customer”.


Once you click “Ok”, you will see a message in the top-right corner of the window explaining that the charge was successful. Do not charge the customer again, otherwise there will be duplicate charges made through Stripe.

Notice the payment status has turned to Green displaying "Charged in full"

Charge a customer through Stripe

1. Go to Bookings in your admin.

2. Select the booking that you would like to capture the payment for.

3. Look for the “Payment” section, and click on the “See Customer in Stripe” button

4. This will take you to the Stripe dashboard to charge your customer. You will see all of the payment information here, as well as the options to capture or cancel a payment:


This dashboard is developed and supported by Stripe, so if you have any issues in this dashboard, you will have to contact their support team.

5. After clicking “Capture”, you will have the option to capture a full or partial amount. Click “Capture” again to finalize the payment:

6. Once payment has been captured, you will see the updated status in your Stripe dashboard:

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