This is what we call “syncing.” Note that all syncs are one-way, meaning that any edits you make directly to the events in Google Calendar will be automatically erased each time PodiumIO refreshes the sync, therefore it is important that all edits are made from within the ops console.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Before you are able to sync to Google Calendar, you must ensure that the Google Calendar integration is enabled from Settings / Integrations and ensure that your Google Account is properly set up.

To Sync Calendar check if integration is enabled from Settings / Integrations

2. After properly setting up your Google Account, you are able to set up a sync from any of the below two options -

Option 1: Company Calendar from the Google icon button on top of the Calendar

Sync Google calendar from Calendar section

Option 2: Set it up from Settings / Calendar Sync.

Sync Google calendar from settings section

3. Simply follow the step by step process explained in the Google Calendar page in PodiumIO and sync your calendar

Step by step process to sync Google calendar

3 (a) Activate the integration - This we already enabled as explained under point 1 (refer point 1 above)

3 (b) Connect to your Google account - Once you start to connect the calendar under step 2 of the above image, a pop-up will appear asking to "Test pop-ups now". If your popup blocker is disabled, you will be allowed to proceed. Click "Sign in with Google".

If you have logged in with multiple accounts, it will ask to choose the account you would like your calendar to sync with.

Once you have chosen the account, allow PodiumIO to connect with your calendar

All set!!! Your calendar is now syncing. It might take a few minutes to reflect.

If you are having issues with a sync, we recommend you disconnect and reconnect the sync from this page.

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