Often times, you’ll want to create a booking without having to go through the entire process of filling out your customer’s information on the booking page.

You can create streamlined, “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from many different places throughout the ops console, these include:

  1. From the Dashboard’s “Create Booking” button .

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from dashboard

2. From selecting an amount of time on the Calendar.

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from selecting time on calendar

3. From the booking icon button in the top-right of the Bookings list.

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from list of booking page

4. From the booking icon button in the top right of the Calendar.

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from calendar

5. From the “Create Booking” button on a Customer Profile.

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from customer profiles

These bookings can either use the questions outlined in one of your pre-existing booking pages, or they can be created entirely from scratch as “Custom Bookings.” You can even add custom booking items (options/extras/discounts) to an internal booking created from a pre-existing booking page if you’d like.

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