Yes, and we call these booking bundles! On your booking page, you can add a Bundles Section in order to sell multiple services and have your customer pay for them at the time of purchase. Specify the package sizes and if you’d like to provide a discount for purchasing a package of that size.

Here are a few examples to illustrate
- For a dog walking company

Booking Bundles

- Seasonal Bundle

Booking Bundles

Once your customer has booked their first service and it has been scheduled, they will receive a Booking Bundle code by email. This code will come with instructions on how to redeem their future bookings.

If your customer still has questions, you can direct them to How does my customer redeem a bundle? You can also let them know their code by finding the code on the Booking Bundles list page, located at CRM -> Booking Bundles. Note that codes will not be active until the first booking has been scheduled.

Booking Bundles

Some notes on booking bundles:

  • Booking bundles do not have expiry dates.

  • All options remain the same for redeemed bookings, but extras are considered one-offs and are not added to future booking bundle redemptions.

  • Booking bundles are non-transferable. They apply to one customer at one location. These can, however, be edited from the ops console by you, the operator.

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