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Automatic dispatching allows you to automatically assign scheduled bookings to service providers at the time the booking is created.

Before you can set your booking page to Automatic dispatching, you must ensure you have the "Booking Page Calendar Section" added onto on your booking page.

If you do not have this enabled, you may see a notice like this:

The "Booking Page Calendar Section" will look like this in your booking page:

Once you are certain this is added to your Booking Page, move ahead to adjusting your Booking Page Settings!

1. Go to your Booking Pages.

Select the booking page you’d like to adjust.

Go to the Settings page.

2. Select “Availabilities and Dispatching Settings” in the settings page. You will be able to configure your auto-dispatching strategy for the booking page here.

Here is a short video on how to do this:

3. Set your Availabilities Settings for the booking page to Service Providers and Automatic.

By setting this Booking Page to Automatic, this will assign ordered preference to the first available service provider for web bookings on this booking page. Simply drag and drop the service providers to rearrange their order of precedence.

NOTE: If you set your Booking page to Manual, your Bookings will come into the Dispatcher as "Unassigned", and then you will need to manually assign any web bookings that come in, in the Dispatcher. Assign bookings to the service provider by dragging and dropping the booking to the service provider you choose in the Dispatcher.

See the below video of what it looks like to drag and drop bookings from "Unassigned" to "Assigned" in the Dispatcher:

However, if you choose Automatic dispatching, this means that the web bookings from this booking page will be assigned to your service providers automatically in your Calendar and Dispatcher, in the order that you choose here, and will depend on their individual Service Provider Working Hours.

Note: It's important to understand that if you choose to manage this booking page's availabilities by "Automatic", then these bookings will be set by the service provider's individual Working Hours set in their Service provider profiles.

Click here to learn more about how to make sure your Service Providers are set up with their correct hours.

See this video as a reference on how to order your preference for service provider dispatching, then Save these settings:

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