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Auto-dispatching allows you to automatically assign scheduled bookings to service providers at the time the booking is created.

Before you can auto-dispatch, you must assure you have the "Availabilities Date Selection" section on your booking page as well as set your Availabilities Settings for the booking page to “Service Providers.”

1. Go to Service Pages / Booking Pages. Select the booking page you’d like to restrict. Go to the “Settings” page. Add the service providers you would like to auto-dispatch to from the “Availabilities” settings page.

Service pages > Booking pages > Specific Booking Page > Settings > Avaliabilities

Availabilities Settings for the booking page
Availabilities Settings for the booking page

2. Select the “Dispatching” in the settings page. You will be able to configure your auto-dispatching strategy for the booking page here.

3. By default, auto-dispatching strategy will be set to Manual. You’ll be able to set it to Preferred. Preferred will assign each assignment spot (there may be many, based on the team size setting in the “General” settings page) to the first available service provider in the list on this page. Simply drag and drop the service providers to rearrange their order of precedence.

Auto-Dispatching settings for the booking page

Note: Many more auto-dispatching strategies are planned for the near future.

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