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Also known as zip code filtering, service areas allow you to specify groups of zip/postal codes that you service. If you choose to use it, this feature will stop bookings from outside your service area from ever reaching the system.

1. To turn on service area restrictions for a booking page, you’ll first have to make sure your company’s service area is defined in Settings / Service Area Restrictions.

Define Service Area Restrictions

2. Define the company’s service area. Add the postal code.

Add Service Area Restrictions Postal Codes

3. Once this area is defined, you’ll go to Service Pages / Booking Pages. Select the booking page you’d like to restrict. Go to the “Settings” page. Select the “Service Area Restrictions” settings page.

Add Service Area Restrictions Postal Codes

4. Enable service area restrictions for the selected booking page here.

Enable Service Area Restrictions Postal Codes

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