Set up real-time availabilities on your Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Page

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In order to set up real-time availabilities for your booking page, please ensure that your Booking Page itself is set to include the Availabilities Date Selection Section on your Booking page.

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Step by step process to set real-time availability for your Booking Page:

Step 1. Go to Booking Pages. Select the Booking Page you would like to edit from the Booking Pages list in the ops console.

Choose Booking page to display real-time availabilities

Step 2. Go to “Settings” and select “Availabilities and Dispatching Settings.

Step 3. The first option to choose from is whether or not you'd like to use the “Company Calendar” option. Choose this one if you do not have subscription access to Service Providers (Startup Subscription). Otherwise, you have a choice between “Company Calendar” and “Service Providers (Grow Subscription).”

  • Company Calendar – Availabilities will be based on your Company Calendar. Note that all booking pages share the same Company Calendar, so this option may not be the best for companies with multiple service offerings.

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  • Next, you can choose if you'd like web bookings from this booking page to be enabled to be booked past your regularly scheduled hours. Most users select "no" for this option.

  • You can also choose how soon you'd like Web bookings to booked from this booking page with you or your team, allowing for as much lead time as you'll need to make sure you're ready for this appointment.

  • Manual or Automatic Bookings Dispatching to your Service Providers

    For those with a Grow Membership that have Service providers, setting your booking page to either Manual Or Automatic dispatching means:

    -If you set your Booking page to Manual, your Bookings will come into the Dispatcher as "Unassigned", and then you will need to manually assign the booking to the service provider by dragging and dropping the booking to the service provider you choose.

    See the below video of what it looks like to drag and drop bookings from "Unassigned" to "Assigned" in the Dispatcher:

    -However, if you choose Automatic dispatching, this means that the web bookings from this booking page will be assigned to your service providers automaticallym, in the order that you choose here, and will depend on their individual Service Provider Working Hours.

Note: IF YOU CHOOSE AUTOMATIC BOOKINGS: You can drag and drop your Service Providers in order of which you'd like to get the booking first. AND, it's important to understand that if you choose to manage this booking page's availabilities by "Automatic", then these bookings will be set by the service provider's individual Working Hours set in their Service provider profiles.

Click here to learn more about how to make sure your Service Providers are set up with their correct hours.

See this video as a reference on how to order your preference for service provider dispatching, then Save these settings:

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