In this section, we’ll discuss how your company fits into the PodiumIO system.

During the initial registration process, your company is created in PodiumIO along with the subscription type that you registered for (Startup / Grow). If you’d like to change this after registration, please see How do I manage my company’s subscription.

All company-wide settings are stored here, so they can be accessed across all accounts connected with your organization.

Manage your company details

For the time being, a company can only operate at one geographical location, which means: one-time zone, one logo (How can I add a company logo to my account), one set of taxes (How do I change my company’s taxes), etc.

How do I change my company’s taxes

If you would like to edit/update any of your company’s details or settings, those can be found in Settings / Company in your PodiumIO account.

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