This is what we call “syncing” a Work Calendar. Note that all syncs are one-way, meaning that any edits you make directly to the events in Google Calendar will be automatically erased each time PodiumIO refreshes the sync, therefore it is important that all edits are made from within the ops console.

Before you are able to sync to Google Calendar, you must ensure that the Google Calendar integration is enabled from the App Market and ensure that your Google Account is properly set up.

Option 1 - After properly setting up your Google Account, you are able to set up a sync from the Google icon button on top of the Work Calendar (if you are the service provider trying to set up the sync for yourself)

Option 2 - You can set it up for the service provider as an administrator from Settings / Calendar Sync.

If you are having issues with sync, we recommend you disconnect and reconnect the sync from this page.

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