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What notifications are sent to administrators?
What notifications are sent to administrators?
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1) A new Call To Action is received

Call To Actions can be created as a type of Service Page. They differ from Booking Pages because they only capture personal information. They don’t create Web Bookings.

2) A new Web Booking is received

Web Bookings are received whenever somebody fills out one of your booking forms. This notification will alert you that someone has just submitted your form.

3) A new Customer is created

Whenever a Web Booking is created by a customer with an email address that is not currently in the system, PodiumIO will let you know that this customer is new and alert you of that.

4) A Web Booking Pre-Authorization fails

Pre-authorization occurs after the submission of the Web Booking, therefore your customer will never know if the pre-authorization has failed. This email will let you know it has failed, so you can follow up with your customer after the fact.

5) A Web Booking Integration fails

If for whatever reason, an integration fails, you will receive one of these notifications alerting you to this.

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