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Here is a step by step process to add a new customer to your PodiumIO account after you sign-in

1. Navigate to the left side menu, and click on Customers. On the right side menu, under "Actions", click on "Create Customer"

Create a customer manually in PodiumIO backend. Main menu > Customers > Under actions -

2. Fill in the required details of your customer like email, name, address


3. Select your communication preferences like language, and whether you would like to send booking confirmations & notifications via Email or SMS, or both

Select your preferred language and mode (Email/SMS) for communication  or notification to your customers

4. Select your preferred payment option, like cash, check, credit card, debit card, e-check, etc.

Payment methods to charge your customer

4. After all the required details are filled in, click on "Create Customer".

You can now edit/update customer details or create a booking for that customer under "Actions"

Edit detail of a customer under Customer > Actions

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